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July 10, 2019

user favorites for flowplayer

Today we released the user favorites in the flowplayer version. With this update the viewer is able to remeber a product, celebrity or music track for later by simply clicking the heart icon (of course this can be styled as one pleases with the open-achitechture of Showtag). The favorites are in default turned off and can be switched on in the settings menu for the program.

The favorites are also accessible from an API call (GET and REMOVE), this way you could incorporate a favorites section right in your web environment to simply increase the conversion. API calls could also be used to inform or target your viewers with for example a matching promotion

July 3, 2019

forms for flowplayer

we extended the client software today with the new release of Forms, they allow you to relay a message to your viewers, you can ask them for feed back, redirect them to the closest store or simply ask them to signup on the mailing list, scan a QR-code. Unlimited options available