Brightcove Setup

iFrame embed version

with brightcove iFrame and the plug-in section it is easy to add showtag to your player, no need to change actual code install javascript's etc. Just add the ShowtagEnabled plug-in directly in the Brightcove player page and control the content inside your Media section.

Brightcove player setup

1. login to your brightcover account and open the 'PLAYERS' section, select your current version of your player and click 'Duplicate'

[image: select your brightcover player and click duplicate]

2. modify the name of your player and click the Plugins button and click 'Add a Plugin' add for the name 'showtagenabled' and paste the Javascript URL (the location of the downloaded file)

[image: add the javascript link and the plug-in name "showtagenabled"]

3. when done click Save and don't forget to click the Publish & Embed button else the plug-in will not be activated, after update your playercode in your html with the new playercode that holds the showtag plug-in, in our case our playercode is 'SrOjKhiSZf' you find your playercode in the top-right, right under your player name.

we found it the most easy way to copy the player code and just update the section in the iframe src='//' ...

Brightcove media setup

1. Brightcove includes standard video information that is available for all customers as part of their product. To edit the video information and activate a program with showtagenabled go to the Media - Manage video content section click the video you want to activate, click the edit button of the video information section add in the Reference ID section the unqiue code that is combined out of your unique clientcode and your unique ProgramCode separated with a dash: "Clientcode-programcode"

[image: click the edit button to change the metadata"]

2. Play the video: When the video loads is will validate your clientcode and it will check on the Showtag server if the programcode exists. If the program exists the available information is added to the video. Now just press pause for Showtag Enabled content