Youtube Setup

iFrame API version

The easiest way to add the Showtag Enabled plugin to your YouTube video is by using the API version, with this version you only need to add the showtagEnabled JavaScript file to your webpage.

1. ShowtagEnabled.js

place the ShowtagEnabled.js as the last file to load on your page. Just before the Body-End.

<script src="~/Scripts/ShowtagEnabled.js">

2. Send us the video url

No need to do more as to send us the link of your video on YouTube. Our system will grab the video, do the treatment and creates the link. You can also send us the YouTube video Id.

[image: url of the YouTube video]

if you don't want the video to be visible without Showtag Enabled, just select 'unlisted' or 'Private'. To change the video privacy settings, sign in to YouTube Studio (beta), select your video from the left menu, Hover over the video you'd like to update. click the pencil icon under Visibility and choose Public, Private, or Unlisted. Important, if we need to grab the video set visibility to 'unlisted'.

3. Original YouTube video

[image: YouTube]

4. YouTube video with Showtag Enabled

[image: YouTube and showtag Enabled]

Showtag Enabled is not available when the video is full screen. To use the video in full-screen mode, deactivate the full-screen button in the YouTube API (playerVars: {fs: 0}) and add your own fullscreen code and button that scales the video to 100% of the screen. This way you are able to use the video with the Showtag Enabled plug-in and benefit from the advantages.