Skinning: LivePoll

version 1.0.0 | Last Update: March 25, 2019

Within the below "How to train your Dragon" - example you will find all the elements you need to be able to design your own live poll. Replace the elements in the JS section with your own content, replace the screengrab that represents the video background with your own to match your complete design.

save the CSS as: option-livepoll.css

Batman or Superman?

See the Pen Showtag: LivePoll Batman vs Superman by Ewald Bos (Showtag) on CodePen.

This live poll uses animation, first-child to define the first element in the array and therefor to mirror the two items, Div:after to define animation on the play buttons, various animation effects such as gradient, font-mask, slide.
Design: Inhouse

Some other live poll examples

Domino's Big Pizza Poll

See the Pen Showtag: LivePoll Domino's Pizza by Ewald Bos (Showtag) on CodePen.

This live poll uses base64 images for the poll items and has animation on the vote button when the mouse hovers over the button
Design: Inhouse
Example: Domino's Pizza demo

How to train your Dragon

See the Pen LivePoll by Ewald Bos (Showtag) on CodePen.

A standard live poll that integrated images directly from a weblocation, the easiest version to start
Design: Inhouse