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version 1.0.0 | Last Update: March 25, 2019

Within the below examples (templates) you will find all the elements you need to be able to design your own. Replace the elements in the JS section with your own content, replace the screengrab that represents the video background with your own to match your complete design.

save the CSS as: ShowtagEnabled.css

The Voice Of Holland

See the Pen Showtag: Menu - The Voice of Holland by Ewald Bos (Showtag) on CodePen.

Custom Buttons and Scroll Containers switches made to the button groups in the top, where the CustomProductGroup is used to show the information of the coaches, each button with it's own unique design and added images, switched button order. Convert all the images in the CSS to Base64 for delivery!
Design: Inhouse

Wat Eten We

See the Pen Showtag: Menu by Ewald Bos (Showtag) on CodePen.

Wood Design buttons Default menu with a small change with the use of base64 background images for the buttons to get the desired wood effect. The product categories are seperated in two segements: the actual products seen on the screen and the ingedients used by the chef, the ingredients list can be connected with an external link to fill a shopping basked of a supermarket
Design: Inhouse